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OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3) - Product Image
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OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3)   

SKU: CMP-3   

MSRP: $31.50
Save $11.55
  • Effortlessly cut perfect circles from 1-1/2? to 8-3/4
  • Patented ratchet-dial handle reduces wrist fatigue
  • "Stirring the soup" cutting motion prevents uncomfortable twisting or strain
  • Built-in blade cover and plastic pivot-point guard for safety
  • Pre-loaded with OLFA 18mm Stainless Steel Rotary Blade
Cut Circles as Easily as Stirring Soup

Get ready to easily cut clean, perfect circles in one step with the OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter with Ratchet-Dial Handle.

The innovative handle design creates a "stirring the soup" motion to effortlessly cut perfect circles from 1-1/2-inch to 8-3/4-inch. To use the Rotary Circle Cutter, simply adjust the blade to the desired size, insert the pivot-point into the material to be cut, and rotate clockwise with firm pressure. The patented ratchet-dial handle allows the hand and wrist to stay aligned during the cut, minimizing wrist fatigue.

The pre-loaded 18mm Stainless Steel Rotary Blade cuts of multiple layers in a single cut. For use with fabric, paper, felt, and more. Great for creating yo-yos, crescents, circle applique, and penny rug circles.

The Rotary Circle Cutter features a built-in blade cover and pivot-point guard for safe storage when not in use.

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