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OLFA Chenille/Textile Cutter - Product Image
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OLFA Chenille/Textile Cutter   

SKU: CHN-1   

MSRP: $36.73
Save $13.74
  • Ratchet dial turns to expose a fresh blade edge; 24 edges per blade
  • Cuts up to 8 layers of fabric
  • Includes and fits the OLFA® CHB blade
Yes, you can make your own chenille at home with this easy-to-use chenille cutter. The cutter has four "feet" serving as channel guides that create chenille in several styles of widths, from narrow to wide, for a variety of creations. Its premium-quality blade provides superior sharpness and durability. The cutter's ultra-sharp, double-honed circular blade does not rotate and is housed in a protective dial with no exposed edges for your safety.


Great for: creating your own chenille fabric, easily cut multiple layers of fabric to add texture and dimension to any project.

OLFA Chenille Cutter
Learn how to use the OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter to make easy, perfect circles in no time! The ratchet handle allows you to spin the cutter in a complete circle without twisting your wrist.

OLFA Chenille/Textile Cutter Blade
OLFA Chenille/Textile Cutter Blade

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