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OLFA 12-1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler - Product Image
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OLFA 12-1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler   

SKU: QR-12S   

MSRP: $31.88
Save $12.09
Perfect size for squaring up blocks and cutting larger pieces
OLFA, Non-Slip, Frosted Advantage(TM) Acrylic Rulers are not your ordinary rulers! OLFA's rulers are non-slip for stable and safe cutting and frosted with black grid lines for clarity on light- and dark-material. "The Standard" is 12.5" x 12.5" and is the popular ruler used for all quilting and crafting projects. Great for squaring pieced blocks, cutting larger pieces, and works well as a template for pillow tops and simple square patchwork designs. The easy to read number and grid lines with 1" grids and 1/8" increments ensure precise measurements. For right-and left-handed use. Available in 10 sizes to accommodate all your crafting needs; no matter the project, we've got you covered.

Great for: precise measurements and cutting angles during sewing and quilting applications. This ruler is perfect for squaring up finished quilt blocks, borders and bindings.

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