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OLFA 1-3/4" Multi-Edge Arc Scraper - Product Image
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OLFA 1-3/4" Multi-Edge Arc Scraper   

SKU: T-45   

Unique blade-grip forms the secured blade into an "arc" shape for precision performance, or scraper allows for blade flattening & surface adherence for wide-range scraping. The arc provides pin-pointed, detailed scraping with less force, reducing surface damage - making the scraper even ideal for delicate surfaces.

Featuring a multi-edge, durable carbon tool steel blade with 4 distinctive edges for versatility: 1 extra sharp, 1 smooth and 2 coarse edges. Sturdy handle is chemical resistant for easy cleaning and longevity. Easy tool-free blade change. Guaranteed forever

Uses TB-45/4B Blade

Great for: removal on applications ranging from: floor tile and adhesives, wall tile and coatings, floor coatings, carpeting and linoleum, epoxies, paints, plastics and roofing materials.

OLFA 1-3/4" (45mm) Multi-Edge Scraper Blade
OLFA 1-3/4" (45mm) Multi-Edge Scraper Blade

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