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4505 Alto's Mat Cutting System - Package 2 - Product Image
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4505 Alto's Mat Cutting System - Package 2   

SKU: 4505-2-SPECIAL   

MSRP: $399.95
Save $102.00

Our unique Patented Dimensioning System enables users to quickly design, lay out and cut any style of mat. Because it is open-ended, the 4505 will cut any length mat with border widths up to 8". The professional-quality Model 45 Mat Cutter cuts a true 45 degree bevel, allows for fine border width adjustments, and cuts perfect, crisp 90 degree corners with no overcuts.

Our complete special contains: the 4505 Mat Cutting System with Model 45 Mat Cutter, Oval Template Set with Model 30 Mat Cutter (will do 20 sizes of ovals), Model 360 Circle Cutter (will do circles from 1" to 33"), 30 blades, Introduction to Matting Book, Alto's "The Basics" 54-minute Video Guide to Mat Cutting DVD, practice mat board, and the most complete set of instructions available anywhere.

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PLUS RECEIVE FREE - Alto's Creative Mats Book 1 - 3, a $61.85 value

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