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45mm Quick-Change Rotary Cutter | RTY-2/NS - Product Image
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45mm Quick-Change Rotary Cutter | RTY-2/NS   

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MSRP $31.49
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span class="great-for-cart-green">The Changing of the Blades just got easier!
The 45mm Quick-Change Rotary Cutter a rolling razor blade used to cut materials into shapes, strips and pieces for craft projects. The Quick-Change Rotary Cutter has an easy blade change with just a single click. No more assembly with a washer and a nut. Just slide the locking mechanism and the blade immediately releases. The innovative split blade cover allows for switching hands effortlessly without reassembly and offers extra safety protection while cutting.

Each side slides back and forth independently so the user can easily switch hands to cut. The blade is made of high quality tungsten carbide tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Designed for both right-and left-handed use. Guaranteed Forever.
Uses RB-45 replacement blades. MORE...

Great for: cutting cloth, leather, paper, vinyl, film, wallpaper and more. Visit our website for Free Projects

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